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14355155_1104023332966808_3110614025121369074_nWhen selling a house, it’s important to make sure the home is inviting to buyers. Check out our simple tips to stage a home with ease.

Staging a home for a potential buyer allows them to envision themselves living there. The ideal staging will look different for every home, but ideally you’ll want to make sure everything looks as perfect as possible and gives the best first impression to prospective buyers.

Start with Curb Appeal

Begin by making  sure the landscape and the entrance of the home is decorated. A prospective buyer wants to see a space that’s livable and presentable. How can you do this? Add a seasonally appropriate plant or two outside the doorway and ensure the landscaping is neat and tidy. This is the first impression a buyer will have of the home so curb appeal is a must. Most importantly, don’t forget about trimming the lawn, which adds to the manicured look of a home.

Make it Bright

Now that the outside is done, you can move to the inside of the home. The best way to showcase a home is to make sure the rooms are well-lit. This opens up the space and makes each room look larger. Natural light is often at the top of many home buyers’ wish lists so make sure to show it off as much as possible.  If natural light isn’t abundant in the room, use lamps to brighten up any dimmed corners that aren’t reached by overhead lighting. Keeping the décor simple also helps brighten up a room, again making a space look larger.

Choose Colors Carefully

In an effective staging, use neutral colors for the furniture, curtains, and walls. Neutrals allow prospective buyers to imagine their own style and tastes within the room. However, the best way to subtly add color is in the home’s bathrooms by using soft blues, greens and lavenders. This adds a touch of character, but in a smaller environment that won’t distract a potential buyer from the rest of the home. If you do choose to add a splash of color to other rooms in the home, avoid going over the top.

Add a Few Pieces of Furniture

Next is furniture. Each room doesn’t need to be completely filled—the right amount of furniture will make the room looked “lived in” but not overwhelmed by clutter. In the main living area, make sure a couch, coffee table, side chairs, and even an area rug are present. Give a room a hint of character by creating small displays of books on the coffee table or adding a lamp to an end table. As for the bedrooms, you want them to feel big and spacious. In this space, only a bed, nightstand, and dresser are required.  Much like in the living room, a few simple décor pieces will give the room some personality.

When it comes to staging, simple is better. However, you do not want to forget to add small touches of personality here or there around the home. Above all else, make sure the home is spotless before bringing a potential buyer in for a tour. You don’t want the buyers to see any dust or dirt anywhere. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping can go a long way, and a thorough scrubbing of the bathroom is necessary.

There are many things that can go into a buyer’s decision about buying a property such as location, number of bedrooms; however, it’s important to do what you can to help them envision themselves in their dream home.

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